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Satellite view from 2007

The ghost island was the first exploration before the Diane Goes For You’s project began. It took place a year ago, on the 12th of January 2013. After moving in Belgium, I was having a virtual walk around my house to know more the area. I found this island which only appears in satellite mode, despite the fact that it looks very real.

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Details of the island

I went there and I didn’t see a thing. The sailors told me that it was a sandbank that had been swallowed up years ago. So, at that time, “the island didn’t exist.”

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 View on le Canal de l’Escaut, from the industrial zone of Terneuzen

However, since a year ago, the image on Google Maps has changed. Today the island exists in satellite vision and in the simplified vision. So the doubt has returned, was it the tide?

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The new satellite views (2013)



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