“The Bancao road” is the name of a concrete road with 11 irregular bends. This is an uphill route. It is 4300m in length. It is listed as a cycle route.The way to Bancao is not far from ‘Breil sur Roya’. There isn’t much to find out about it so we have to do more research. Ombline sent me her request from Helsinki, where she was living. Ombline is tired of the -20° temperature and hoped to see the spring coming, and her interior plants returning.


At the end of “Bancao”, there is about 45 species of plants.


Herbarium containing a collection of 45 plants found at the end of Bancao’s way. Click. 

The road stops and becomes just dirt. There is a ruin covered in weeds. There is not much else, only a beautiful landscape and many species of plants. The mimosas can’t grow at this height but they can be found on the side of ‘Théoule’, in the South. Click on this sentence if you want to know more info about my experience of the city.



Asked by Ombline Ley