Along the Northern motorway, underneath the famous theme park, ‘Le Parc Astérix’, there is a sandy terrain. When observed, we can see the shape of a dinosaur playing the guitar with a crack in its thorax. Can we find dinosaur bones or shells, is it a terrain for dirt biking, do people go there to sunbathe, can we hear the noise of the waves or just of the motorway?


Photographies taken from two sides of the sandpit, showing two different tints of sand.

On this beach, we can find billions of shells in the sand and also incrusted in the rocks.

Certain rocks resemble bones; some look ill and covered in growths. They have a grainy texture just like the grains of sand stuck in between them. In the distance, a man is sieving. When I tried to reach him, he had left.

ossements coquillages

Samples of rocks and shells found on site

A geologist give us a detailed answer :



Asked by Vadim Pigounides et Océane