Approach to the bottomless island


1/ Meeting with Akané Watanabé.


Story of our encounter : One day, I met “Auriana” in Paris and we spoke about Japan. She recommanded me to contact her great friend, Akané, who would be travelling Japan on the same time as me. She has both nationalities, French and Japanese. I contacted Akané via the network and we agreed together on an appointment at 10am at Osaka station the 26th of February. She was a precious interpreter.

2/ Planing a boat trip thought the island.


The island is crossed with a dotted line, which symbolizes a boat itinerary. On Google Maps, it’s written the boat is going from Sakai harbour (Osaka) to Takamatsu harbour (Shikoku).

“At what time leaves the next boat?”, we ask to Mr Okada at Sakai harbour. But there are no boat for Takamatsu, only for Kitakyūshū in Fukuoka Prefecture, so about 500km from Osaka. The travel lasts 20 hours and is too expensive for us. Anyway, Mr Okada was a gold mine of information concerning our poll, so we didn’t even feel the need to take this boat.


Akané Watanabé, Mr Okada and I, in Sakai harbour.

3/ Going to the closest point to the island.


The distance

It’s a bird reserve with an observatory, situated about 3 km from the beginning of the island. Inside the observatory, good quality telephotos are at the visitors disposal. Despite these machines, we couldn’t see the island because we were too low, there was mist and the observatory window was dirty.


The bird observatory with the skyscraper behind.

3/ Going to the highest point of view.


 At the observation deck of the Abeno Harukas skyscraper in Osaka, 53 floor, 300m high.
From this point, we can see the island.