Did my memory really take place under this cloud?

As a child, Thomas went on holiday to ‘Croix’. André and Martha, who lived under the cloud, welcomed him. At the age of 8, he ran with his friend Leo and his dog in the woods; all of a sudden they came across a clearing with twenty cows. The cows were white with black spots. There was something sacred about the clearing and the cows. The dog ran after the cows, the cows ran away from him and so they fled the woods. According to him, this memory took place under the cloud. He would like to know if his mind is playing tricks on him. 

The sacred clearing

The truth:

Under the cloud there is nothing. A field is left abandoned.

His memory took place 1km higher, in the fields of ‘"Chêne-Sou".
André and Martha assured me: and they even called Leo who assured them that the memory took place somewhere else. I collected hairs from the barbed wire: The cows were completely white. They were beautiful and their horns were asymmetrical. They didn’t provoke me.

Today, the satellite photo has changed and the cloud has disappeared.