Asked by Jan

What time is it on these clock fields?

If we consider that these fields are in fact big clock faces, on this image we can read the following times:

Upon going there, I found these results:

A= 1:30

B= 10:00

C= 11:30

D= 2:00

E= 9:45

F= 8:00

G= 11:00

H= 2:30

I= 9:05

J= 4:30


The big hand of the clock.

The circular motifs are created thanks to this centrally pivoting, irrigation system. An 'arm' distributes jets of water along the length of the steel structure which pumps water through it.

1/ Place the compass in the centre of the circle in the field, and stand facing North.

2/ Observe the direction of the irrigating arm and note its position with a pen:

These measurements are approximations.

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