Asked by Irène

Is this the construction site of the biggest baseball field in Europe?

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You can certainly extract sand or stone from this place as a building material. Yes this is the case.

The alignement of rocks brings a mysterious dimension to the site. They are placed here to warn the new machines that there is a hole.

At the very edge of the precipice, the row of rocks look like human bones. That could be an area of ​​archaeological research. The fingerprints are little sand dunes, which were caused by machines that dug into the earth to place explosives deep underground.

Located very high up the mountain, the site offers a splendid view. Clemento, the manager of the hostel, came to this mountain when he was a child to watch naked women on the nudist beach of Capaci with binoculars. Indeed, this could be a strategic location for the construction of a 4-star hotel.

This is a quarry owned by a company who produces cement.

The rocks are transported down the mountain and the cement is then produced not far from la Isola delle femmine.

Clarification on the process

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The workers knew that where they work has an interesting view from above: they were not surprised that my curiosity was aroused by the discovery on Google Maps. But the shape of the triangle is purely practical, not symbolic. The explanation for it remained vague, which may suggest that the person who made this design in the quarry wanted to try out a sort of spiritual extravagance to be seen by satellites.