Sune Sjöström

Süne picked me up at the mainland to drive me to Lökö Island. His name appears in a local newspaper article. We used a magnificent varnished wooden boat he bought in Sweden to get to the island. Süne has lived on Äppelö Island, the island next to Lökö Island, since 1995. He taught me many things; the first is that there are no wolves or bears on the island but a lot of eagles. I noticed some miradors built on Lökö Island, but no animals.

Lökö Island mirador

The house of his only neighbour on the island is situated 100m away, near the windmill. During the wintertime Süne's house is covered right up to window-level, with snow. His kitchen is 4 degrees colder than the rest of the house, and the most incredible thing is that the sea turns to ice. At this time, you can access the island only by snow-scooter, foot or car. 

Süne's house in Äppelö Island