Asked by Céline

Is the sauna open ?

The person who published the image of the closed sauna next to Lake Törnesträsk of Abisko, which is 200km North of the Polar Circle on Google Maps, has located it in the wrong place.

The actual location of the closed sauna, 1 mile North-West.

1. Location A:

Location A is situated in the Abisko scientific research zone.
The side of the lake was recommended to me as a place to observe the Aurora Borealis, the common phenomenon of the Kiruna region. It is sombre and there is no one to be seen.

2. Location B.

Thanks to the help of a strong team formed there, I was able to get pictures of the sauna.

Photograph taken by David and Lyn

The sauna from the photo which was posted on Google Maps was closed because nobody made a reservation; Lina, working at Abisko tourist station:

"Our guests have the possibility to rent the sauna for their group or family. Either at 15:00 o'clock or at 17:00 o'clock – each day of the year."