Asked by Gino

What is this scratch in the water?

The scratch is 120m long and is found 70 m from the shore, in a Norwegian fjord,
at the height of Bergen.

It's a fishing structure for catching mussels.


What is it like in the tubes, underneath the water?
For some reason I didn't get closer to the tube.

My first incorrect hypothesis was that the tubes were nests for the mussels, full of plankton for bait:

The Internet taught me that it doesn't work like that. The mussels grow in bunches of net, hanging from buoys on the surface.

the system could be like this:

Meeting with Kreeta Käeri, who often goes fishing with her father, in Estonia:


1/ The curve of the tube differs in the satellite image from my video: The current carries the structure along.

2/ The stripes that can be seen are the ropes: there is a distance of about 50cm in between them, (calculated based on the size of the seagulls) each rope there has mussels attached.

I've contacted Willy Versluys, a Belgian mussel farmer whose name appears in many articles and who appears in the film 'L'amour des Moules'. He kindly gave me the answer.

The structure has been invented by a Norwegian compagny called