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Which sea is the strongest: the North sea or the Baltic sea?

In this place, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet. "If you are Danish, it's a place you have to go before you die", a lady tells me. This well-known place is often called "Grenen". The satellite image shows more than just a romantic encounter. The two currents appear to collide with each other on the surface.


Visual Experience:

I walked the length of the East coast: a strong wind causes turbulent waves. In the distance, the boats sway dangerously. I then walked the length of the West coast: the wind was the same but the waves were further away. They didn't make a loud crashing noise like the other sea.

Experiencing the two currents:

Other people experience

I asked some people around which team they were rooting for. See bellow the reaction of three groups:

1st group. A couple, about thirty years old, here for a romantic walk, recommended by friends, first time: "The Baltic Sea looks stronger!"

2nd group. A family of five individuals; their first time here except for the father who wanted to share his experience: "The North Sea must be stronger, it's bigger; but it's true that the waves of the East are terrible."

3rd group. Three friends, about twenty years old,, they've seen and heard of this place on the Internet, first time coming here: "It's as if the Baltic Sea is rebelling because the North Sea has always been the strongest."

This is an important question as the force of the currents defines the shape of the peninsula.

2005 and 2011 satellite pictures

Hypothesis on the becoming of Grenen:

A/ and B/ Unequal force
C/ Equal and continuous force
D/ Equal and discontinuous force
E/ Other hypothesis

I choose hypothesis A.