Why is the field divided symmetrically?

The photograph on the right dates to 2007 while the photograph on the left dates to 2009. The case of this field is particular and raises important questions: The East and West sides have quasi-similar surfaces. The total surface of the field is around 5 Hectares. The cut is located in the very center of the geometric shape. The field is a polygon with ten peaks and ten sides. In mathematical jargon, it is called an "irregular decagon"’.



Walk 489 m from the intersection to rejoin the point A. Cross the field in a straight line through the angle of 40° In the direction South/East/160° At the same time, carry a rope to materialize the border. Point B is located 312m from point A, my rope is 305m: it is missing 7m to finish this line. Study of the earth and its composition. Meeting with Jo, the cyclist: He tells me that in 2007, the field was used for culturing potatoes and in 2009, for wheat.

No visible difference between the East and the West, the perfect cut of the satellite is a coincidence.